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The Top 50 Destination Wedding Spots | Best destination wedding planner

The Top 50 Destination Wedding Spots

When considering wedding destinations, you most certainly require the services of the best destination wedding planner. This is where My Itinerary Agents comes in. With that said, let us get into the topic of our blog right away! Weddings are the most beautiful occasions to celebrate. However, times have changed, and so have wedding trends. […]

5 Fabulous Places to Go to for Your Family Reunion

No matter the occasion for a celebration, whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, an engagement, or vows renewal, a family get-together is always one of the best times. However, when it comes to a family reunion, it needs to be a bit more special. Multiple generations meet up, share special memories and jokes, and meet the […]

5 Reasons to Go on a Pre-Wedding Honeymoon with Your Fiancé

Traditionally, most of us follow a wedding timeline. First, you need to be engaged, and then wedded, and then you go on a honeymoon. However, modern couples are changing these traditions and enjoying more freedom. Going on a pre-wedding honeymoon is the new trend and most couples love it. Some call it “funnymoon” because it […]

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